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Jeremy and Cherlyn’s Wedding at Parkroyal on Pickering

Date: 7 Jan 2018
Venue: Parkroyal on Pickering, William Pickering Ballroom
Client: Jeremy and Cherlyn

Regarding the live music, we have had quite a few comments that it was a classy & great performance. They had also mentioned that the volume was just right – it did not overpower the conversations that guests were having.

Personally, Cherlyn & I had really enjoyed the music :)

~Jeremy, Groom

Wedding at Park Royal Hotel

Alvin and Kimmy’s Wedding was held at Park Royal Hotel along Beach Road.

Kimmy left a kind message on our Facebook page:

Many thanks to Jay & the Vetta Quartet for adding a touch of class to our wedding & making our march-in a memorable one! Thumbs up!

String Quartet for Wedding at Park Royal Singapore

Jay, Bingling, Weili, Kenneth

String Quartet at Park Royal Singapore Vetta Quartet at Park Royal Singapore Violin Singapore