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Andreu & Tomoyo Wedding at Crowne Plaza

Date: 31st January 2015
Venue: Crowne Plaza
Client: Andreu and Tomoyo

Thank you for your lovely performance during our Wedding Lunch yesterday.

The guests thoroughly enjoyed it. Our 2nd march in also left an impression on everyone thanks to your “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” performance.

Thanks again and we hope to have another function where we can hear your wonderful performance again.

~ Andreu & Tomoyo

String Quartet for Wedding at Crowne Plaza
Live Band for Wedding at Crowne Plaza
Live Band for Wedding at Crowne Plaza
Live Band at Crowne Plaza
Live Performance at Crowne Plaza

Wedding Dinner Banquet at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Date: 20th July 2014
Venue: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
Client: Mui Fong

Thank you Vetta, for the great music provided throughout our Wedding dinner! I especially liked the fact that pop pieces were played in addition to the traditional classical pieces and there was a good mix of fast and slow pieces. As such, ambience was classy yet guests did not get bored from an overdose of classical pieces.

Thank you for acceding to our many requests as far as possible and for taking breaks only during our toasts and speeches! You guys were awesome and I hope many more couples get to enjoy the great music you guys bring! =)

~ Mui Fong

String Quartet at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport