String Quartet for Wedding at Alkaff Mansion

Theo and Yvonne held their wedding in style at the elegant Alkaff Mansion. We played outdoors for the solemnisation ceremony and cocktails, then moved into the restaurant for the dinner segment. Theo, an experienced clarinettist, presented Air by Bach with us playing the accompaniment, as a special tribute to Yvonne. Vetta Quartet would like to thank Theo, Yvonne and their guests for the kind compliments that were showered on us throughout the wedding!

A message from Theo after his wedding:

We were very pleased with Vetta Quartet performance at our wedding. It was the perfect type of music for our wedding and played very professionally.

Also thanks again for the flexibility to let me play along with my clarinet!

Jay, Wen Jin, Eva, Jian Yang

Jay, Wen Jin, Eva, Jian Yang


We also couldn’t give up the chance to take a few profile photos amidst the beautiful settings :)

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