Angelic Voices

Imagine bright, tinkling sounds in perfect harmony filling the air as your guests enter the reception. The sounds of the harp have always been described as angelic and heavenly, and guarantee to elevate your event to a new level of elegance.

See some of the events our harpists have graced.


Charmaine graduated from School of The Arts, Singapore in 2013 and is currently studying under Gulnara Mashurova at Yong Siew Toh conservatory. In June 2009, Charmaine joined Rave Harps, a harp ensemble under Ms Katryna Tan. Since then, Charmaine has participated in a variety of performances. [ more about Charmaine.. ]



Singaporean harpist Charity Kiew has represented Singapore in regional and international harp festivals – the Wales Harp Festival (2010), Asian Harp Festival (2008), Camac Harp Festival (2012), the Singapore-Malaysian Harp Festival (2010) and the Singapore Harp Festival (2008). In addition, she competed in the Wales Harp competition and the Singapore-Malaysia Harp competition in 2010, where she won joint second place (in which no first was awarded). [ more about Charity.. ]



In 2010, Mifiona was selected as the harpist for the Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO), where she performed in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. She was invited to perform in the AYO again in 2011, in Singapore and Malaysia. To date, Mifiona has performed in Singapore with orchestral groups and symphonic bands including the Orchestra of the Music Makers and the Philharmonic Winds. [ more about Mifiona.. ]

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