Educational Outreach

VETTA has been providing arts exposure and educational outreach performances to Singapore schools since its inception, which have been well-received by students and teachers alike.

Many students may be familiar with a band instrument, but not a string instrument which is the backbone of a symphony orchestra. Utilising our versatile repertoire that spans Classical, Tango, Jazz, Broadway, and Pop, we hope to demonstrate that a Classical string quartet can be cool; and inspire your students to seek out a broader range of music, or even pick up a string instrument.

Our specialty is our special arrangements of Pop music which challenges the boundaries between Classical and Pop:

Learning Points

  • Introduction to String Instruments
  • Introduction to String Quartet
  • Introduction to Different Music Genres
  • Appreciation of Versatility of String Quartet

Performance Highlights:

  • Solo demonstrations of: Violin, Viola and Cello
  • Unique String Quartet Renditions of Various Music Genres
  • Audience Interaction for Information Reinforcement
  • Layering Concept of a “Canon”

We have been to over 20 schools to share our love for music. Teachers and students alike always gave good reviews.

Hi, thank you for the wonderful performance today! Both staff and students gave very positive feedback. We all enjoyed the music very much. Please convey our thanks to your team. Good job!

~ Huimin, Teacher at Bendemeer Primary
Educational Outreach on 20th May 2015